Turning Transactional Communication Into Engagement

Fundraising campaigns demand ongoing communication. Often this comes across as simply transactional – giving receipts, event notifications, announcements, and so on.

These can be mailed or emailed but, in either case, they take time and resources. So, how do we maximize the opportunity to move from transactions to communication that engages our audience?

Let’s first establish that simply asking for money is a weak position. And that asking for partnership is a much stronger one. We’re not just trying to convert more prospects into donors but converting more donors into a deeper relationship with the organization.

Instead of hoping donors will give, let’s give donors hope by changing our messaging strategy from superficial to substantive. Instead of basic goals, let’s present specific budgets for 3-5 outcome-oriented initiatives. Rather than highlighting the gifts we’ve secured, let’s speak to how they created enduring philanthropic partnerships. Instead of asking for money, let’s encourage donors to join us for conversations that may define shared purposes and goals.

Positive messaging is vital to constituency building. Let’s start a conversation.  

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