Plan to Communicate

Strategic planning has always been an important part of an organization and how it seeks to function. Today, the planning process has taken on an even greater role for those grappling with 2020, its outcomes and implications. Isn’t that every organization?

With budget shortfalls, reorganization, new or redesigned programs, delayed fundraising campaigns, or other disruptions, well-run organizations are doubling down on planning – adapting to create more impact now and into the future.

A recent foundation presentation provided some useful guidelines:

  • Create a shared vision and develop shared values
  • Make a plan designed to be flexible and adaptable
  • Plan for different scenarios
  • Do a needs assessment
  • Stay focused on data collection
  • Reflect and learn
  • Seek advice from others

To that, I would add…don’t let donor relationships lapse. Now is the time for more communication (printed and digital) not less.

In recent weeks, we’ve developed strategic plan documents for Johns Hopkins Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania. Please let us know if your organization might benefit from our experience.