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What It Costs

While MSK is in the business of adding more strength to communication programs for our own clients, what are national advertisers paying to add exposure to their campaigns? Here’s what it costs…

$2.5 million – approx. cost for four weeks on Times Square’s biggest billboard

$750,000 – amount Snapchat demands per ‘Brand Story” ad

$237,406 – cost for a back-cover Vogue ad

$615,000 – 30-second sliver of airtime in the Fox NFL package

$20 – CPM of a sponsored photo on Instagram

$675,000 – the daily rate for YouTube’s universal video masthead ad

$500,000 – cost of a native ad program on The New York Times website

$2 – the minimum per-click bid for an ad on LinkedIn

$1.5 million – 30 second ad in the NCAA men’s basketball championship

$9 – a thousand impressions for a sponsored post on Buzzfeed

$400,000 – average for a commercial during AMC’s “The Walking Dead”


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