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Digital Ink

We continue to publish new editions of various alumni and research publications on iTunes Newsstand for a variety of clients, including Johns Hopkins Medicine, for whom we also design and distribute the print edition.

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Three iPad editions of Promise & Progress for the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins can be downloaded for free via this image.

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Philanthropy Snapshot

Each year, CCS Fundraising produces a snapshot of today’s philanthropic landscape – reviewing the previous year in a nationwide perspective. This year is no different, and in addition to infographics on where the money is coming from, the correlation to stock market performance and other indicators, the report provides a good update and reminder on why people give. In light of the 2013 Gallup Poll that suggested 83% of Americans donated money to a charitable organization in that year, here are the top reasons why:

  • People are inherently generous
  • People give to people
  • People respond to a meaningful mission
  • People give to the person who asks
  • People respond to specific requests for support
  • People respond to successful and beneficial programs
  • People give in a campaign atmosphere – annual or capital
  • Most people want, and all deserve, recognition for their gifts
  • People relate a gift to a specific need or project
  • People give to positive, enthusiastic solicitors
  • People give most often to their peers
  • People give because they are asked

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