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Last week marked the start of a new year, and for many high school students it symbolizes the last semester before jetting off to college. Parents aspire for their kids to attend the most prestigious academic university, and kids aspire to move as far away from their parents as possible. This upcoming year it looks as though there is an exciting new university that offers it all; Monsters University.

No, Monsters University is not a real college but you wouldn’t be able to tell that by the look and feel of its website. Disney/Pixar launched this marketing campaign to promote the release of their upcoming movie: Monsters University. The site is complete with recruitment videos, a functioning school store and anything else you would expect to find on a legitimate college’s page.

Arthur Clawson, the founder of Monsters University said, “Knowledge must never be feared, wisdom must always be pursued, and excellence must be at the center of everything.” Clearly, Disney/Pixar’s marketing knowledge, wisdom and excellence are on full display with this site.

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