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Are websites doing their job?

After more than 12 years of evaluating websites, Forrester reached a new milestone completing 1,500 website user experience reviews. The results are, shall we say, less than positive – the research suggests that a whopping 97% of all websites are not prepared for the job to be done.

Forrester came to the conclusion that just 45 of those 1,500 earned a pass mark.  That’s just 3%! The main cause of failure included poor text legibility, poor task flow, poor use of space, and unclear links to privacy and security policies

Forrester used 25 criteria to judge websites, with scores marked from +2 (very good) to -2 (very poor).  Passing all of the tests therefore would have given a website a total score of +25.  Unfortunately just 3% of the sites met that score, with the average score of all of the sites a pitiful +1.1. An average score of just +1.1 suggests that many websites are failing miserably to even get close to where they need to be in terms of functionality.

The research also revealed that B2B sites do worse than B2C sites, although this gap is narrowing. The only positive aspect to the findings…scores are getting better.

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