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Hunkering down

Across the country, budgets are still tight on many campuses and colleges are struggling to find new sources of revenue. State budget cuts and reductions in private donations present mounting challenges. A recent report on U.S. institutions from The Chronicle of Higher Education details many of the issues including these highlights:

  • Private colleges are more dependent than public ones on tuition
  • College endowments began to grow again in 2010
  • Public financing for colleges fell in many states in 2010-11
  • 63 gifts of $101-million or more were given to institutions last year
  • 99 institutions charged $50,000 or more for tuition, room and board during 2010-11
  • Student costs at 4-year private colleges are almost double those at public colleges
  • Tuition discount rates are rising at private colleges
  • Federal science funds doubled at 28 colleges

Given our heavy involvement in institutional fundraising, of particular interest to us were details on the top fund raisers including our clients Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania – both in the top ten for total support and support from non-alumni individuals.

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