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Update…CASE Member Magazine Readership Survey (CMMRS)

You may recall a post earlier this year on the then upcoming results for the CMMRS. Well the results are in and they encompass more than 35,000 alumni magazine readers and more than 135 member institutions across the country. Suffice to say there is a wealth of good information covering topics such as reading habits, subject preferences, and the actions of readers, including alumni, parents, and other constituents.

Of particular interest to the editors among you will be the most (and least) popular topics. The most popular, in order were: class notes, institutional history and traditions, athletics, issues facing higher education, and student research/academic experience. Readers said they were least interested in: fundraising and donor stories, faculty publications, athletics (again), and stories about alumni who volunteer for the institution.

As with most primary research, the CMMRS raises plenty of questions related to applying the findings to a specific publication. If you’re interested, we’d be delighted to help you work your way through that process. If you’ve not seen the survey in it’s entirety, please contact us and we’ll share that with you.

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