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Alumni Magazine Readers – A National Survey

CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) revealed some of the core findings of an interesting new survey during the annual CASE District II conference in Philadelphia today. As an aside, the Conference was well attended (despite the snow) and well organized. It was good to see various clients winning 2010 Accolades Awards – congratulations to one and all.

Back to the survey – the CASE Members Magazine Readership Survey, launched in 2009, gives the first comprehensive national data on magazine readers’ habits, likes and dislikes. More than 120 institutions participated in the Web-based research with a total of more than 30,000 readers responding. All results been added to a national database.

In Philadelphia, Tracy Casteuble, Director of Research, CASE, presented the top-line results of the survey and various conclusions about what works – and what doesn’t – with alumni magazine readers. From what I’ve seen of the results so far, I suspect many of the conclusions will affirm our own beliefs built-up from seeing the results of surveys our clients have conducted. However, being able to peg our own smaller surveys against a large national database is significant. We’re looking forward to seeing the complete survey results – available to coincide with the March issue of Currents.

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